Saturday, July 29, 2023

PL :: swirl bridge UPDATE

What’s good! time for an update 🤠 listen close and you’ll hear the vocal sample in the beginning of this video says:: “when they tell you your dream, is too extreme.. follow your dream, follow your dream!” “All things come and all things Go” It especially resonates with me because prepping to launch this PL tour 🚀 has been just that, an extreme dream.. shared by a lot of people, that has required a massive amount of belief & hard work & creative energy from everyone involved to pull off. The whole squad has been in Denver for the last two months vibing, rehearsing, building, programming, producing & buttoning up the ‘soundship spacesystem’ for tour. Now it’s just 7 days away from launch!! So I wanted to share a little update in the form of a behind the scenes video edit from one of our swirl bridge sessions. 🎥 - Laine Kelly & Isaac Brandon Schultz this video is of the PL band flipping a new track live that Michal Menert and I produced earlier this year. Borahm Lee, Chris Karns & Alvin Ford Jr. make these new tunes go so hard live and put them on another level.

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