Monday, July 24, 2023

Fine Day (Left/Right 150 Jungle Euphoria Remix) - Opus III [2023 Rave An...

You might have heard my Fine Day (Left/Right Remix) as the first track in my Boiler Room set recently and the 135 bpm version out for release- however someone suggested that it sounds good sped up so I went into the session and did a 150 jungle version (much faster). ✨ I originally made this as an edit for Boiler Room x CONDUIT show specifically as a way to pay tribute to rave culture and this song is easily one of the biggest rave anthems of the 90s. I even pulled a few pieces from my song Big Rave Energy as it was not out at the time and I thought it was a cool nod. I saw Skrillex and Boys Noize dropped their bass house version this week so I re-worked it a bit and am hyped to release my jungle version today.PS if you head to my bandcamp there's also a cinematic and 150 jungle version, too! Free download here:

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