Monday, February 6, 2023


KAI LENNY dropping into life threatening swells… KAI makes facing certain death look easy. You cannot fear the wave you are the entire sea! JAWS is infamous for mangling professional surfers. Held in the highest regard JAWS is not for beginners. The location is infamous for also creating surf  🏄‍♂️ legends. KAI has revolutionized flipping and twisting on the waves like no other. A style that is all his own. KAI’s flight through a massive wave will most certainly display air action moves that are cutting edge. Literally.


The day after the "Eddie Aikau" event Kai Lenny came straight to Jaws after sunrise with his team and showed everyone some next level XXL surfing on giant waves. First, Kai paddled in on some very serious heavy waves from the north peak, riding them all the way through. Then he grabbed the rope with Slater Trout, who he teamed up with for this tow in session. Kai took his surfing to the next level! Huge maneuvers, big stylish turns in critical places, and all out power. Slater also got some really nice giant XXL waves himself. This powerful swell was super special, two days of pumping XXL surf at Pe'ahi. Everyone that surfed this past swell at Jaws really pushed things to the next level. Seeing the progression of big wave surfing each season at Pe'ahi is amazing and very inspiring. Hopefully we get one more giant swell before the season ends. All content shot in High Quality 4K on January 23rd 2023 Enjoy the action and Aloha Nui ! Paradise It ! Filmed by PACIFIC ISLAND DRONE & MROD MAUI © Edited by MROD MAUI © IG : SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE ! MAHALO NUI LOA FOR WATCHING THESE VIDEOS ! Email :

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