Monday, February 20, 2023

Don Diablo - Beyond the Fire | Official Music Video


OUT NOW: TIKTOK: My goal has always been to create music that reflects my emotions, sometimes you feel more down than up and vice versa. Beyond the fire” is the musical representation of my more introspective side. A side that wants to give you music to slow down your thoughts. A blanket that strives to keep you warm whenever you feel cold on the inside. Love you all. Always and FOREVER. - Don - Directed by Don Diablo Edited by Jessey Bijl Filmed by Burak Goraler #DonDiablo #BeyondTheFire #MusicVideo ⬡⬢ Don Diablo ⬢⬡ Spotify ⬡ TikTok ⬡ Shop ⬡ Instagram ⬡ Facebook ⬡ Twitter ⬡ YouTube ⬡

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