Friday, December 30, 2022


Buy / Stream: Title: SYSTEM FAILURE EP Rel Date: 19th Mar 2021 Label: GHOST TOWN Format: Digital | Streaming Track Listing: 1. Babylon Bill 2. Broken System 3. Silence Them 4. Cut That 2021 error: file not found. Reboot. Reload. Return to Ghost Town. Caspa kicks down the doors of the new year with the same energy and focus that he shut 2020 down with. Defying the weirdest year ever with the launch of a brand new label and a very successful Ghost Town ticketed live stream, the dubstep pioneer is back with four more underground weapons to help us overcome the complete ‘System Failure’ we’ve experienced in recent times. First we got weird, now we fight back. ‘System Failure’ is another bulldozer collection that takes us back to the source. Forged during this prolonged season of rave shutdown, as part of a growing body of some of his rawest productions to date, each cut hits with Caspa’s enduring heavyweight signature. We commence with ‘Babylon Bill’. An unforgettable highlight in Caspa’s recent mixes and streams, it’s pure foreboding fire with a vocal that every single one of us will recognise... And find resonance in right now. ‘Broken System’ runs point. Blacksmith percussion with anvil kicks and a bassline that oozes like lava, this ain’t just a timely title; ‘Broken System’ will literally smash rigs when we’re unleashed to play in real life again. ‘Silence Them’ flips the vibe. One for the deeper crew, this is all about restraint and sudden moments of drama. Stripped back and swampy, the intensity coming from the space around each element, this how the power of a million block buttons. The grand finale ‘Cut That’ closes the show with similar subtractive dynamics. Teasing us with a prolonged bass attack before the beats hit, you’ll be cutting this in and out of your mix for a long, long time to come. Built to last. Built to battle. We have all been failed by the system, but nothing can stop creativity. Nothing can stop this music. Failure isn’t defeat or being beaten, it’s a chance to learn, improve and develop. Ghost Town grows and glows in the trenches. ------- Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud: Subscribe for more exclusive Caspa videos: 

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