Friday, September 16, 2022

Golden Features - The Golden Touch? Vigil Official Video Touch (Feat. Rromarin) (GURPAAL Remix)' (Official Audio)


It’s no secret… If you train with lions you will in fact become one. Golden Features has  a two part music 
video sequence  ‘Touch ‘ & ‘Vigil ‘  theoretically taking place in the same night. Revisiting rebel adolescent right of passage. Golden Features has a golden touch! There is no doubt.

Touch (Feat. Rromarin) (GURPAAL Remix)', out now on Foreign Family Collective: 

Official Video Touch🌟👇🏼

“The next single is called Vigil. It's is about the point of diminishing returns. The sound of birds begging you to go to bed, desperately trying to sleep when the head-noise won’t allow it. This ones for those who've been with me the longest & it's out now.” 

Golden Features

Vigil Official Video 🌟👇🏼

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