Tuesday, August 16, 2022

POOLCLVB & Woodes - Till The End (Live from City Recital Hall)

Available to Stream & Download now ► https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/tilltheend Listen to our etcetc collection playlist ► https://etcetc.to/collection.oyd Subscribe here ► https://etcetc.to/youtubesub.oyd Click the 🔔 to stay updated with our new uploads! Live from City Recital Hall Sydney. "We’d been discussing the emotional dialogue behind the lyrics, when you strip away all the dance floor glitter, there’s a raw tonality in Elle’s delivery, super emotive and invoked such vulnerability. It was such a pinch-yourself moment to be invited to use the City Recital Hall to transform Till The End, being alone in such a breathtaking space, sitting by myself in the middle of the room, head back staring at the ceiling listening to Elle, just her voice and grand piano, it was truly immersive, something I’ll never forget" - POOLCLVB “I wrote ‘till the end’ remotely with Poolclvb, and we filmed this on the first day we got to meet in person. Danny (Poolclvb) and I wanted to pull the song back to its barebones, as it’s the type of electronic song that has a raw beauty when it’s just piano and voice. It was special to be alone in the empty recital centre. Just us and a beautiful grand piano, delicately enjoying the acoustics of the space." - Woodes --- Welcome to the official etcetc channel. We focus on nurturing local Australian talent as well as showcasing some of the world's most exciting names in the wider community of house music and indie electronica. Follow etcetc: ll Spotify: https://etcetc.to/sundowners.oyd ll Instagram: https://etcetc.to/socials/instagram ll Facebook: https://etcetc.to/socials/facebook ll Twitter: https://etcetc.to/socials/twitter ll Soundcloud: https://etcetc.to/socials/soundcloud ll Website: http://www.etcetc.tv Follow POOLCLVB: ll Spotify: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/sp... ll Instagram: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/in... ll TikTok: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/ti... ll Facebook: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/fa... ll Twitter: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/tw... Follow Woodes: ll Spotify: https://poolclvb.etcetc.to/socials/sp... ll Instagram: https://etcetc.to/woodessocials/insta... ll TikTok: https://etcetc.to/woodessocials/tiktok ll Facebook: https://etcetc.to/woodessocials/facebook #POOLCLVB #Woodes #tilltheend #etcetcMusic

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