Friday, August 26, 2022

DJI AVATA|Cinematic Video

Let me introduce to you the newest drone from DJI: Avata! Check out the new DJI Avata: “I've had a blast trying out this tiny FPV drone and pushing it to its limits. As a semi-amateur FPV pilot, this was surprisingly easy to fly and very durable, surviving multiple bigger crashes without breaking. This combined with the propel covers makes it a lot safer and more enjoyable to fly and challenge my FPV skills. In addition, the new improved DJI Goggles make the flights an even more immersive experience. Check out the link above for more information about this new drone and by doing that support me and my work!!” This drone is definitely going into my camera bag moving forward as it helps capture locations and stories from new thrilling and unique perspectives. Follow my adventures on Instagram: Like these colors? You can get my new LUT pack here: DJI AVATA|Cinematic Video #DJIAvata #BornToFly #DJI

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