Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Alright- Supaman feat. Neenah (Produced by Nottz)


It was a blast collaborating with Implement Productions and the Montana Film Office on this one of a kind vision! Off the Medicine Bundle Album available now! Shout out to multiplatinum producer on this song Nottz. https://geo.music.apple.com/us/album/... Big love to everybody who was involved with this project. Angela Howe - Choke Cherry Creek, Christiane Parrish, Sam Parrish, Scott Flatlip, Joe and Ken Woody, Nick Lambert, Dessi Badbear, Hilario Stewart, Mya Walksoverice, Jonella Hill, Dean Bearclaw and everybody who came out to the sets and volunteered their time. A'ho! Production Team Director / Phillip BaribeauPhillip Baribeau Producers / Angela Howe-Parrish & George Potter DP / Wes Overvold AC / Erika Share VFX / Andrew Hahn Audio / Will Springstead Color / tervioprocolor Cold Smoke Effects / Jeremy Knutson Delorean owner / Nick Lambert * Dancers Maribel Parman /Czarina & Eddie Haney/ Hilario Stewart / @Precious Anderson / Jeff Lakel-Taufagu /

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