Monday, February 7, 2022

Stoneface & Terminal with Robert Nickson - From The Sun


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Two of the trance scene’s most prolific and consistent acts collaborate here on the Vangelis inspired From the Sun. Taken from the acclaimed Pure Trance 9 compilation (co-mixed by Stoneface & Terminal) this is an example of a studio team-up really hitting the spot on all levels. Majestic is the best word to describe this veritable audio feast, where flamboyant cinematic themes meet explosive rhythms, bass & FX on a compelling odyssey. Discover our music 🎶 Progressive & Beyond Let's Dance Trance 2021 Vocal Trance Top 50 New Releases Join our community 🚀 Discord Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok Bandcamp Twitter Buy CD & Vinyl #BlackHoleRecordings

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