Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Florence and The Machine “Something is Coming”

Florence and The Machine elude to “something’s coming.” What ever could that be? Fans can only speculate with new images imerging on social media only 8 hours ago.  February 23rd  fans will know this is certain. Listeners can expect audio visuals that will be nothing short of top tier production quality. This is not a doubt. “Chapter 1” or “King” …..We will have to wait and see. Vocalist Florence Welch will stun. Captivating audiences with her strong vocal capabilities. Florence is in a class all her own. Sharing the stage in the group are keyboardist Isabella Summers, guitarist Rob Akroyd. Lastly their harpist Tom Monger amongst many many others. Florence and The Machine gained notoriety after emerging in 2007 in London. Exceptional vocal expression catapulted the group in popularity. Eccentric attention to detail sets this group apart from many. Florence is constantly remixed by other great artist. Who does not love a truckload of great new content! 


                                        Most well known for 2010's "The Dog Days Are Over"  

    Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

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