Monday, January 10, 2022

Hard Drive Gold by alt-J.


fficial video for Hard Drive Gold by alt-J. The new album The Dream is out 11 February, pre-order / pre-save now:

Listen to 'Hard Drive Gold' here: Subscribe for more official content from alt-J: Directors: Joe Newman & Darcy Wallace Producers: Biscuit Filmworks Lyrics: Gimme that gold, straight into my hard drive, baby. I’m fifteen in my garden skipping, My neighbour Sue is watching me from her window. Oh mama, did you tell Sue I’m a millionaire now, baby, Trading that crypto? Gimme that gold, gimme that fire! Crying on a stranger is so very soothing, I’m outside my school, My teacher took me to one side and told me I was scum, I left, then Googled ‘Neoliberal’. Don’t be afraid to make money, boy. Gimme that gold, straight into my hard drive, baby. Non-shatter ruler, put it on the table and go ‘brrrrrr’, Watch it shatter. Clearly mum’s talked to Neil with the Audi, The next morning he shouts from his door: ‘Don’t be afraid to make money, boy!’ Gimme that gold, straight into my hard drive, baby. CAST: HERO POLE VAULTER: Ellie McCartney POLE VAULT STAND IN: Sophie Dawson MOTHER: Temitope Ajose-Cutting CHILD: Josiah Ajose-Cutting NEIGHBOUR AT WINDOW: Karen Callaghan Couple: Caitlin King Laura Kirwan-Ashman CASTING DIRECTOR: KHARMEL COCHRANE PRODUCTION CO & CITY: Biscuit Filmworks UK DIRECTOR: Newman - Wallace PRODUCER: Adam Farley MD: Rupert Reynolds-Maclean EXEC PRODUCER: Andrew Law HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Samantha Chitty PRODUCTION MANAGER: Roma Nesi Pio PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Dalia Saeed LOCATION MANAGER: Titus Penate 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: George Nelson 2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Sam Barnham RUNNER: Bertie Newman RUNNER: Finlay McCoy WORK EXPERIENCE: Jessie Griffiths DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Krzysztof Trojnar FOCUS PULLER: Ian Coffey 2nd AC: William Crafts KEY GRIP: Alex Hudson GRIP: Michael Farrell TECH OPERATOR: Dan Lobos-Pires REMOTE HEAD/JIB ASSIST: Drew Tate CRANE TECH: Marcus Pavett TRACKING DRIVER: Charlie Roberton DIT: Arthur Graham-Maw PLAYBACK: Louis Vella Chaz Northam VIDEO PLAYBACK WORK EXPERIENCE: Raphael Balogun GAFFER: Lee Parfait ELECTRICIAN: Joshua Loudon Kevin Roberts Grant Campbell Sen Flude PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Shaun Fenn ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR: Samuel Moriarty BUYER/STYLIST: Edward Kay PROPS ASSISTANT: Jake Parker PROPS ASSISTANT WORK EXPERIENCE: Doug Keyes STYLIST: Natalie Roar WARDROBE ASSISTANT: Emmanouela Megkistou HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Maya Man HAIR & MAKE-UP ASSISTANT: Carly Roberts MEDIC: Charlie Harrison VFX SUPERVISOR: Markus Lundqvist MINIBUS: John Tyler CAMERA CAR DRIVER: Max Corjemiuk TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Billy Stanley HEAD OF SECURITY: Darren CATERING: Honey & Thyme CONTACT: Skye HIRED EQUIPMENT COMPANIES: Get Set Hire Lee Lighting Services Optical Support DLP Media Chapman UK Gear Factor Panavision EDITING COMPANY (OFFLINE): Final Cut Edit EDITOR: Lucy Berry EDITOR ASSISTANT: Pete Kovacs PRODUCER: Maggie McDermott POST PRODUCTION: Rascal Post PRODUCER: James Severn Follow alt-J #altJ #HardDriveGold #OfficialVideo

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