Friday, January 21, 2022

French 79 - 4807 (Official Video)

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Directed and animated by Daniel Prince --------- "After listening to the album and initial talks with French 79 and Alter-K, it became clear that the video should be fun and have a nostalgic quality. The album has such a positive feel and the track itself has a really great energy, it felt important to try to reflect this in the project. I was initially inspired by the imagery from the opening monolith scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, although the feel I was attempting to achieve was much more lighthearted, fun and playful. The video follows a group of nomadic blob creatures as they journey through the desert towards a mystical monolith for a life changing event. On a whole it’s about growing, evolving and how life’s experiences accelerate these changes. Even the small moments that help define and inspire our future selves. It's also just a fun, simple story about coming together to party. This is the first fully animated video I've worked on so it was a new challenge for me. Also working solo on this project was a new experience and gave me a good opportunity to learn new skills I previously tried to avoid. However, I worked closely with French 79 and Alter-K to bring it all together, it was really great to bounce ideas off them, which helped shape the project" Daniel Prince --------- "J’ai composé 4807 avec en tête des images de montagnes et des paysages désertiques... certes hostiles mais en même temps à couper le souffle. C'est un titre conçu comme une ascension avec différentes épreuves à traverser, un peu comme un jeu vidéo ou un film d'aventures... d'où son côté "montagnes russes". L'idée du clip était donc de retranscrire cette sensation d’inconnu, de découverte mais aussi d'introspection, de quête mystique... et d'illustrer le sentiment de quiétude mêlé à celui d'excitation que l’on peut avoir quand on est éloigné de tout, presque perdu et qu'on cherche un sens à la vie" Simon Henner (French 79)

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