Saturday, January 30, 2021

Dub FX, Sahida Apsara - Flow (Acoustic) | Sounds of Society | EP6


#SoundsOfSociety is a project to document and present the sounds of today. It is a step towards a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts. 

Music that represents the social and cultural milieu in which you live. We are the sounds of today. We are the Sounds of Society.

 Each episode is carefully curated, and in most cases it's very spontaneous. 

 Presented by - 

Society Tea Produced by - 

Urban Beat Project Curated by - 

Laiq Qureshi 


 In this episode | Flow (Acoustic) Lyrics: Dub FX | Sahida Apsara Song Composition - Dub FX

 In this episode of Sounds of Society, we want to share the story of love, transcending borders, race, colour. Happily married, Dub Fx and Sahida create this seamless flow of energy that moves with such intensity through their lyrical prowess. We are extremely happy to present this special acoustic rendition of Dub Fx's popular tune - Flow. Shot here in Goa, on their visit to Goa Sunsplash, we were fortunate to have them spend an afternoon with us on a beautiful sunny day.


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