Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Don Diablo - You're Not Alone ft Kiiara

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I am proud to present you guys my brand new single "You Are Not Alone". For three reasons: 1. The message behind the song 2. It features the amazingly talented Kiiara 3. the production and sound of the record itself. I always try to keep pushing myself as a producer to try out new things, whilst still keeping my trademark futuristic ideas on a production level. This record comes in a time where many people feel lost and lonely, searching for a purpose and a meaning to their existence. Music has the power to create a warm embrace and that is exactly what I intended to do with this record. Love you guys, Xxx.

- Don -

Edit & SFX: Erik Middendorp for HEXAGON film
Executive Producer: Don Diablo
Filmed by Patrick Van Der Wal, Jessey Bijl, Hoang Tran & Jurre Bouhuijs.

Filmed at Future XL 08.12.2018 Amsterdam.

This time, this time you're not alone
On this long and winding road
Far from home, far from home
This time, this time you're not on your own
And though it's dark and cold deep down
Walk alone, walk alone

#DonDiablo #Kiiara #Hexagonians

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