Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mountain Bikers Are Awesome 2015 - Downhill & Freeride 2015!

Mountain Bikers Are Awesome 2015 - Downhill & Freeride 2015

Bella Bass Fly would like to spotlight some athletes that are not in our everyday spotlight. These athletes are not posted up in bed laying on millions of dollars half naked on instagram. You won't find these guys on the red carpet in the latest Versace.  This video contains images from a great movie/ documentary I just viewed called "Where The Trail Ends" starring Darren Berrecloth, Cameron Zink, Kurtis Sorge, James Doerfling, Andrue Lacondeguy. This cast takes big mountain free riding to the next level! Visiting virgin terrains and testing fate time and again!

 Where The Trail Ends depics the beauty and freedom of big mountain free riding. These athletes transform from human form to bird form. Escaping certain  death at every moment. In this day of big money sports promotion it's easy to get pulled into a whirlwind of hype.  This is one sport that will leave you feeling inspired.  These athletes have the right idea when it comes to experiencing life in the present.  Making money and getting endorsements come 2nd to the love of free riding! These athletes wake up and ride!!!!! Where the trail ends is where you will find them! 

Take some time and search go pro videos of athletes discovering all parts of our planet. Un-plug from the main stream and look into something out of your norm. Seek adventure and try something new everyday. The unpredictable awakens the mind!

- Bella

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