Friday, January 2, 2015

Gareth Emery - Long Way Home [Official Video]

If you've pushed your way across the country or over seas than you already know. There is no place like home!!!!!!

Gareth Emery;

Looking back on 2014, this track feels like the soundtrack to one of the best years of my life, so I wanted to make a little video summing up the year that was DRIVE and everything that inspired me when writing it.

Happy New Year!

Gaz xx


DRIVE the album is available here:

DRIVE Refueled, the remix album, dropping early 2015.


CREDITS: Thank you to everyone who contributed footage to the video (we're still working on the full credits list below), plus all of you who uploaded your own videos: we included as many as possible! Plus a big thanks to everyone who attended a gig on the DRIVE tour, we tried to show as many of you as possible but acquiring footage from 100 plus shows proved a mammoth task and in the end time got the better of us.

Special thanks to Wissam Abudallh for being amazing under the tightest of deadlines, Jordi Bouman for the idea, and Megan Holder for helping pull it all together, as well every member of my management team throughout 2014 who believed in the idea of DRIVE, but most importantly, in me.

Shot by:
Cross Media Ventures
Steven Cunniffe (Kidson Media Production)
Erick Govea
Billy Law
Christian Mülhauser
Hound Dog Picture Production
The Foundation of IAAP

[more to be added]

Corrino Media Group

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