Thursday, December 13, 2012



Life In Color is an understatement when it comes to describing this event! Life In Color has grown tremendously in this area since last year...Nearly 4,000 confirmed I do not have the official count but it was off the  chain! The Hartford XL Center Hartford Ct. December 8, 2012. A gathering of peace , love , unity and respect!

You could pretty much tell how crazy the night would be by the insane rantings of a local  religious establishment. These two men were screaming at the top of their lungs in front of the Hartford XL center banishing attendees and staff to hell! I often wonder if these people who spread so much negativity and judgement have ever actually ever read their bibles? Things that make you go hmmm...Moving on to brighter subjects ....The arena was practically empty when I arrived. People Filed in like ants filling up the empty space in no time at all! Unfazed by the religious rants Saturday night party seekers wasted no time at all getting rite to the nitty gritty!

Wasting no time at all, paint in hand and everywhere else! Time to get Wet! Luckily all paint is washable!

I think you got something on that pretty shirt! Yup! She sure did! DJ Knowledge kicked things off laying down energetic tracks!



A Hott mess! So fun to  just let loose! Growing up is hard to do! Even more so when our world is so negative and one sided! A breath of fresh air is another way to describe life in color! No edges , no sides , just round full pandemonium!

A gorgeous crowd! Ambient lights and thick lasers danced about , illuminating each and every person!

These girls were such a delight! They were having so much fun and making sure everyone else was too! Plur at its best! Kinda funny, this all started in the underground and now I find very little "plur" In the underground scene these days! This event had me giddy!


I really missed the sick transformer guys that shoot paint! Life In Color stepped up the laser show for 2012!

Apollo V spun while dancers raged!
Yes, young , wild and free! Life In Color! They are much braver than I!!!

David Solano all heated up! The Heartbeat was pounding! David Solano Murdered it! This event thumped and is always entertaining due to the slue of artist the event includes in every show!

Time for some Fedde Le Grand!

Fedde was amazing! The show was outstanding! More Go-Go's would have been nice and I wish the Go-Go's get up had been more creative ! 


Parental Advisory! Shit just got real!

    Amazing performers! My personal favorite was the trampolinists! We missed the transformers but, I'm very curious to see what next year brings! Hopefully bigger and better jaw droppers!

BRAVO!!!!!!!!! LIFE IN COLOR!!!! 

PHOTOGRAPHY : Bella Bass Fly & Jay M. Valentino!

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