Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Layton Giordani - Hyper World [Drumcode]


Subscribe: https://bit.ly/SubscribeDrumcode Buy: drumcode.ffm.to/dc243 Layton Giordani - Hyper World, Released 2021-05-28, Drumcode, DC243 "Layton Giordani takes the next step in the evolution of his sound with 'Hyper World'. Despite the challenging year we all shared in 2020, Giordani continued to grow in leaps and bounds as a producer. His second studio album 'New Generation' was a critical success and showcased the breadth of his artistry over 11 tracks, with moods fit for both the dancefloor and afterhours alike. His latest offering, however, flexes its raving muscle and ambles up for the summer. The title track is bad arse, with swirling pads, trippy arpeggios and subtle flourishes of acid and psychedelica that all combine for a stomping finish. Fresh in every sense. 'Astro' is heavy on drama, driven by a big synth lead that pierces the air with intensity, before a delicious mid-track key change pushes the energy up to eleven and shortly after drops down into a celestial break, before building back up again." Also Check Out Layton Giordani — New Generation [Full Album] https://bit.ly/2RRvwFs #Techno #LaytonGiordani Follow Drumcode: Website: https://drumcode.se Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drumcoderecords Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/drumcoderadio

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