Thursday, January 7, 2021

22 Red Bull Dancers and Breakers Introduce NEW WAYS to DANCE AT HOME



Watch the Red Bull Dancers bring new life to their home in a way that only dancers can. 🚀 


 Featuring Shigekix, Junior, Lil Zoo, Kyoka, Sunni, Roxrite, Lil G, Dassy, Menno, Angyil, Wing, Poppin'C, Taisuke, Ami, Issei, Stalamuerte, Victor, Diablo, Neguin, Hong 10, Ronnie, & Lilou, this incredible crossover lineup of BC One All Stars & Red Bull Dancers invites you to get up off the couch. 🙌

 You definitely know their moves, but dancing while baking cookies, brushing your teeth and spending quality time with your pet? Now that's talent. 💯


 From breaking to hip hop and street dance, dance into the new year in any style and any way you want. 

 Here's to more good vibes ahead. Happy dancing! 😁

 Video production by Miniboj. 

 Song by @C2Cdjsofficial - Happy (feat. Derek Martin) 

Listen here:

 Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏

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