Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A film that’s meant to inspire all creatives….. “The Show" Official Trailer Director: @anthony.auguste

“After coming home from my last trip to L.A. my mind was made up that it was time for me to leave NYC. My intention was to immediately find a spot and move to L.A. but of course God had other plans! One night after teaching, sitting in the car with some friends at 2am on 14th st, this idea was sparked after being asked to do a simple concept video. That seed of a thought grew into a film! A film that’s meant to inspire all creatives, A film that took 6 months of hard work to complete. From the scripts, to the early call times, shoot days & rehearsals. I can’t thank my amazing cast enough, this wouldn’t have happened without you all. I can officially call myself a Filmmaker ;) For my last project living in NYC…. We’re going out with a BANG and I can’t wait for the world to see! Presenting “The Show” A short film Directed & Produced by Myself “

@aaaproductionsllc Run time 1 hour Release date Sunday June 23rd Director: @anthony.auguste Cinematography: @anthony.auguste AD: @malikmiyakemugler Camera Assistants: @malikmiyakemugler @mikedonovan.mp3 @terrondfwu @jas.mine.carson @the.k_vaughn @byemarlene @realyoungactor Cast: @jas.mine.carson @niah_torres @byemarlene @shes.it_ @jocinda.mariee @isoke00 @callme.wade @malikmiyakemugler @_justcami @luiss.riv @the.k_vaughn @sel.becirovic @officially4n @snowselo @chrissyskills @donsolio_ Performers: @stout @k.rrich @shrreyaaa_ @sequoia.aya @nici.davis @tabithakelly_ @maati_k @j._monea @berryyum

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