Saturday, September 16, 2023

Poulish Kid Arrives on Audiolith with His Debut Album

In The Shadow Of A Giant’ 
Poulish Kid is his biggest body of work to date, a debut album on Audiolith which sees the young German producer make his mark with an amalgamation of electronic music genres and indie rock. Following a host of singles, including ‘Get Rid Of Your Drugs’‘Fairytale’ and ‘Out of Time’ alongside Abscent Chronicles, there’s several new offerings amongst its track list. And donned in an anonymous mask, the producer’s signature dress style, he’s allowed his music to do the talking. Something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by tastemakers from across the spectrum.  

The free-falling drum rhythms of title-track ‘In The Shadow of a Giant’ kick start the LP, providing a glimpse into the blending of styles which Poulish Kid masters throughout. Then comes ‘Your Light’, with its emotive penmanship and lulling note sequences. ‘Paradise’ and its guitar strummed melodies follows suit, with the next new offering ‘High, Scared and Stuck’ moving back towards Poulish Kid’s more rock-influenced sounds. ‘Dear Sophie’ comes in succession, with soaring synth layers, as ‘Kill Me To Stop Me’ is focused around its percussive segments. ‘Forever Closed Door’ then pushes through amongst its static sonic crescendos, whilst ‘Pack Up Your Bags’ brings the album to a close, with a sad yet sonically lush soundscape which shows once again Poulish Kid’s musicality. 


Already gracing stages at European festivals such as Sonne Mond Sterne and Canaletto, he has brought ‘In The Shadow Of A Giant’ to his audience in a live setting, although now it's set to be unleashed to the world. His work alongside the likes of NVDESJust A GentKevin HissinkBLVCK CROWZ and ESKEI83 shows his part in the new generation of artists currently pushing through, something this album will solidify. It’s a pivotal part of Poulish Kid’sjourney, showing there’s so much more to come from the young artist as his career progresses. 

22.09.23 Hamburg - Thomas Read 20.15 – 20.45 Uhr
23.09.23 Hamburg - Headcrash 22.20 - 23 Uhr

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