Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Roger Waters - Comfortably Numb 2022

"Comfortably Numb 2022" by Roger Waters Before lockdown I had been working on a demo of a new version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ as an opener to our new show "This Is Not A Drill”. I pitched it a whole step down, in A Minor, to make it darker and arranged it with no solos, except over the outro, where there is a heartrendingly beautiful vocal solo from one of our new sisters Shanay Johnson.It’s intended as a wakeup call, and a bridge towards a kinder future with more talking to strangers, either in "The Bar” or just “Passing in the Street" and less slaughter “In Some Foreign Field.”Here it is. Love R. The video is by Sean Evans. The mix is by Gus Seyffert. Credits: Produced by Roger Waters and Gus Seyffert Roger Waters – Vocals Gus Seyffert – Bass, Synth, Percussion, Vocals Joey Waronker – Drums Dave Kilminster – Vocals Jonathan Wilson – Harmonium, Synth, Guitar and Vocals Jon Carin – Synth, Vocals Shanay Johnson – Vocals Amanda Belair – Vocals Robert Walter – Organ/Piano Nigel Godrich – Strings, amp and backing vocals from Roger Waters ‘The Wall’ Sessions. Video produced and directed by Sean Evans. Listen to Roger Waters: Subscribe to the official Roger Waters YouTube channel: Watch more Roger Waters videos: Follow Roger Waters: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Spotify: YouTube: Chorus 1: There is no pain, you are receding A distant ship, smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain, you would not understand This is not how I am I have become comfortably numb #RogerWaters #ComfortablyNumb2022 #IntheFleshLive

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