Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Athlete Edits: Blake Hansen x Esperanto

Pushing the limits, progression, and forging a unique path is what Specialized Bikes athlete Blake Hansen is all about. As a trans woman in mountain biking, Hansen has had more than her fair share of challenges, but her riding is really what makes her stand out from the crowd. For her, mountain biking is about a whole lot more than being between the tape or pinning it down a scary freeride line, it’s about building community and using her platform to uplift women and work for more quality and inclusion in the sport. Her segment in Esperanto tells that story, showcasing her riding meticulously technical desert lines alongside the likes of Hannah Bergemann, Sam Soriano, Chelsea Kimball, and the groms Brooke Anderson and Sophie Gregory. Find an Esperanto show near you: https://tour.tetongravity.com/

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