Friday, April 15, 2022

AIKON - Night Rider

Buy / Stream: Early Feedback in by Terr, Reznik, Secret Factory, Alinka, Sobek, Storken, Biesmans, Tony y Not, Doctor Dru, Christian Nielsen... AIKON returns to Exploited with two hot new tracks after storming the Beatport Indie Dance chart in 2021 with releases on Diynamic and Musumeci’s Multinotes label. With further releases on Monaberry and Disco Halal, he has been seriously in demand. He’s also putting out music through Adana Twins’ TAU imprint this year. ‘Night Rider’ is a killer, authentic electro groove, where vintage drum machines mete out a tough breakbeat rhythm and nagging bass synths pulse under formant-shifting mouth harp style synths and a dramatic lead hook. A moody breakdown reveals a juicy 8-bit vibe melody, and everything comes together beautifully after a teasing build and dramatic drum fills provide some punctuation. ‘Street Dancer’ continues the sparse feel with metallic textures grinding against another stark, spacious breakbeat rhythm, and tightly-clipped synth arpeggios that recall Kraftwerk in their minimalist efficiency. An old skool breakbeat fills in the breakdown, and various subtle FX and vocal samples pad out the track with a heady, atmospheric feel. AIKON playing NIGHT RIDER: Early feedback: Terr: Great EP. Great artist. Reznik: Fantastico. Alinka: Nice one. Secret Factory: Street Dancer for me. Doctor Dru: Great music! All the best, man.. Tony y Not: Nice. Biesmans: Thanks. Sobek: Breakdancers uhhh! Five stars! Storken: Sounds real cool! Both of them. Christian Nielsen: Great EP! Claptone: Thanks! Artist: AIKON Release: Night Rider Label: Exploited Club Cat: EXP110 LC: 96788 Publisher: Exploited Ghetto Music Publishing Releasedate Beatport & Streaming: 15.04.2022 Releasedate Global Download: 29.04.2022

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