Thursday, December 2, 2021

Astonishing Contemporary Dance Performance Inside Our Immersive Experien...

Contemporary dance performance inside of our immersive experience, Circle of Life. Choreography and performance by Eszter Szakács. Circle of Life is an immersive experience with projections on the surface of a round room of 16 meters in diameter with a 5-meter-high wall. The story projected on the wall follows the life cycles seen in nature, while the floor shows an interactive animation reacting to the visitor's movements. Based on the idea conceived by Mobilsofa/WYN Design Creative concept framed and implemented by Limelight Art Director: Csaba Világosi Motion Designers: Bettina Vöröss, Csaba Világosi, Alex Riczkó Notch Artist/Floor Projection: Ivó Kovács Interaction Design/Technical Supervision: Viktor Vicsek Sound Design: András Weil Project Management: Zsuzsanna Benkó Video: Kevin Campean Producer: István Dávid

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