Friday, September 24, 2021

Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa - Stop Trippin' (Music Video)

 "Say less, love more!"
Some are only about negativity. You can't get caught up.  To live a positive life you must clean your aura on the daily. Stay mindful and abundance is yours!!!!


🔈 Purchase/Download : ➕ Subscribe for more videos :​​ Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa present "Stop Trippin'", an ode to staying centered in the midst of the madness. Over lofi guitars, gritty drum breaks, and lush horns, Gavlyn reminds us that the moment you stop overthinking is the moment you Stop Trippin'. Artist: Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa Title: Stop Trippin' Videographer / Editor: DJ Hoppa Drone / AD: Aries Sol PA: Mike Morris Color: Pedro Motta Guitars: Joel Givertz Horns: Matt Reale Label: Broken Complex Mixing/Mastering: @xanthemannn 💿 Buy Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa Music & Merch:​​ 🌎 Website:​​ Instagram: @gavlynnn @djhoppa @brokencomplex​​ #brokencomplex #gavlyn #djhoppa

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