Friday, May 23, 2014

The Others - MyStyle 004 Album Sampler

The Others - MyStyle 004 Album Sampler
The Others - MyStyle 004 Album Sampler :: Out 16.06.14
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1. The Others - Voyager
2. The Others - Amazonia VIP
The wait is almost over: The fourth chapter in Dub Police’s signature mix series ‘MyStyle’ is about to be foretold. And it’s narrated by one of the label’s most prolific, most consistent, most celebrated artists: The Others.
Like all ‘MyStyle’ episodes, it’s bulging with contributions and exclusive cuts from some of the most talented names in the game. Including, of course, plenty of next level material from The Others himself! Here’s an early head’s up on the fire you can expect…
We kick off with ‘Voyager’. Already a prize piece in The Others’ sets worldwide, it’s a forefront fusion that defies simple classification. The second those ethereal pads and smouldering 808 beats breathe into the blend, you know it’s something special. Suddenly a monstrous riff switches the game entirely. From haunted to heaviness: ‘Voyager’ is super-charged with a purring metallic hook that smothers the weighty halfstep rhythm. Complete with guttural bass tones and obese drums on the fills, Voyager’s dangerous dynamic will cause meltdown in every dancefloor scenario.
‘Amazonia VIP’ follows. As with all the best VIPs, it follows massive support on the original, which featured on ‘Dub Police Past Present Future’ late last year. This special variation-in-production version first appeared on Caspa’s ‘Dubstep Sessions 2014’ and has been requested by the biggest names in the game ever since. Adding subtle twists and textures to the already brutal bassline, it embodies everything a VIP should be. The Others’ abilities in the dark art of VIP culture should come as no surprise, though… His ‘Africa VIP’ was a pivotal moment in Caspa & Rusko’s historic ‘Fabriclive 37’ mix, setting the foundation for the firm pact he’s had with Dub Police ever since.
Two killer originals, one massive slice of ‘MyStyle 004’ hype. We can’t wait to deliver the whole mix. Stay locked.
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