Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Modulations - History Of Electronic Dance Music Documentary

MODULATIONS / HISTORY OF ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC DOCUMENTARY....Electronic  all stars lay down the history in this inviting documentary as it describes one of the most profound musical movements of our time!

The debate never ends..."Vinyl or Cd's?"  "A track or tape ?" My mother used to say "To each their own" Personal preference , cost, accessibility , and technology influence every decision an artist makes. Undeniably if the product is the same, an artist doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to know things evolve. Loyalty to certain technologies exists and debates and arguments are sounding off from all end of the electronic scene. Musical evolution is eminent!

There is no way to stop progression . We must progress with positive influence and knowledge of  music history . Respect the Rd. that has been built to pave an easier way for the next generation. work smarter not harder!  At the  same time elder Dj's need not be bitter for the on set of a new day of sound, the evolution is only what we make of it.
Influence is everything!

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