Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dope D.O.D. - Gatekeepers (Official Video)

DOPE D.O.D /GATEKEEPERS (OFFICIAL VIDEO)...Reminiscent of classic "GRAVEDIGGAZ"  and  N.I.N.E ...Dope D.O.D most definitely put their own spin on a nostalgic sound! Raw and grimy ..dark and twisted concepts are setting them apart! Dope D.O.D speak what many are afraid to. I'm sure these artists will run into speed bumps along the way from more established artists but if the #'s are any indication (Over a million views ) DOPE D.O.D is the next big thing to hit the Hip Hop world in a long time !TRUTH.

Make sure to peep some of the other traxX after the completion of this video!

Members: JayReaper, Skits Vicious, Peter Songolo (Producer) and Dr.Diggles(Dj)
Genre: Hip Hop
Hometown: Ghost Town, Netherlands

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