Tuesday, September 20, 2011


HARD BASS MASSIVE ......We entered the venue around 10pm ... DJ DIRTY DAN kicked things off in the up-stairs dance floor just beyond the balconies where an incessant thump could be felt and grew louder & louder on the JBL's !!!! A hula hoop master dominated the dance floor while DJ DIRTY DAN Hopped N' Bounced his way through funky heart felt set that made us lose track of time ! Upon notice of the moments passing we quickly ran down to hear what DJ KNOWLEDGE would be cooking up .Please check out this link of the outstanding hula hoop artist !!!  http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbellabassfly.blogspot.com%2F2011%2F09%2Fhard-bass-massive.html%3Fspref%3Dfb&h=iAQB2W2LfAQACChwOo_6dNZhDLQOhu8oWq_Kr1memn6x0Ig

The Main Dance floor was filling up quickly ! KNOWLEDGE was beating the beams with some hard welts pumping up the housers !  Hard knocks methodically setting the tone for what was shaping up to be
one beastly event !All the soldiers fell into line and and by the time ODI hit the decks it was time to warm it up !!!!!!!! The crowd fell into a single rhythm ...We were one ! The room had truly become A HARD BASS MASSIVE !!!! The circles popped up , and disappeared just as quick! This was a dancers event ! Everyone came to throw knees !!!
Unity has been experienced many times before but it seems the NY scene has struggled over the passed couple of years ! Competitive promo crews lashing out and dividing the masses proved to go nowhere....whispers & murmurs of a revival circulated throughout the underground ...We all wondered what it would take to bring it all back ? CAFFIENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the best of old school DJ's would be able to pull it off ! A REVIVAL like no other !!!

This photo of DJ IRENE was taken and shared by RONNIE C. PHOTOGRAPHY
 Hard style old schooler DJ IRENE Took the decks demanding respect ! IRENE  threw her arms , the crowd followed suit ... there would be no falling back ! NY chomping at the bit for more & more  hardcore ! Just when you thought you couldn't handle it any harder IRENE dropped some dub ! I almost didn't know who was thumping harder at this point IRENE or the NY dance floor ! The building began to shake and rock almost bouncing the rest of the night. The music ate up time faster than we could catch our breath ! I feel as if I have been chasing a train for an eternity ...On September 17th, I caught that train in Brooklyn, Ny @ The Electric Warehouse !!!!   HEADHUNTERZ hit the stage and the crowd seemed to levitate ! The unified dance that had seemed to have become extinct , was revived, alive and well ! The Dance floor ate him up with each drop ! @ times I could just see the wheels turning in every ones heads !
Headhunterz killed it !!! S-FACTOR was definitely the icing on the cake ! More divine energy added to the mix ! The beats were ridiculous and I almost couldn't believe what was happening ...had NY remembered where we started ?  A time when the fun had just begun. Earlier in the night a friend had said ..."I'm just in it for the adventure !" No expectations .... little did we know we were embarking on EPIC memories ! Once again ...Nomatter where you started or where it all seemed to end , we scooped it up again ! PERPETUAL VIBE & PERPETUAL RHYTHM !!! Due to long vibed sets it seemed that DJ MICRO'S set was cut short ! We love MICRO and of course he always masterminds the beat , so we fully enjoyed every second of his set as well as X-DREAM ...Promoting takes 1st seat and these gents take 1st class for a well done event ! !!!! Of Course we Knew it would be explosive that's why I made sure I was there to see it all go down ...and it did !!!!
 All around a great night of epic proportion ! This is most definitely a hard act to follow !!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!!! HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY JOURNEY !!!   PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK TO WATCH CLIPS OF THE S-FACTOR SET ;          http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=265036283519181   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=265041393518670


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