Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fabio D'Andrea - The Sleeping Beauty

Fabio D'Andreas' piano play is nothing short of superb. A beautiful visual "Sleeping Beauty" A story of father, daughter, dance. I want to send out a special Thank You to the artists that support this publication. There would be no BellaBassFly if it was not for the hard work of the  artists.  I am perpetually humbled by the talent of hard working individuals with superhuman talent. I cannot wait to hear Fabios' next piece. Gratitude for those  presenting amazing work!


"Award winning music video filmed at Burghley House, 'The Sleeping Beauty' starring UK and Hollywood actress Emma Rigby and composed by British musician Fabio D'Andrea is now available to view on VEVO and YouTube here" -


Emma Rigby stars in Fabio D'Andrea's heart warming new video "The Sleeping Beauty"

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Composed and Directed by: Fabio D'Andrea

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