Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ink, Loxy & Resound feat. Jody Lulati & Miriam Safo - Phoenix Rising


 Breakbeat titans Loxy and Ink have done nothing but bring to the table excellent sounds - soaking their gritty UK sound in a soothing warmth, ‘Phoenix Rising’ hits home with undeniable force. Produced in collaboration with Resound, and featuring Jody Lulati & Miriam Safo, 'Phoenix Rising' is one of the standout tracks on this bustling EP release.

A follow up to the hip hop track ‘Manifested Visions’, this track goes on to demonstrate the duo’s mastery of fluidity in sound. As an uncompromising drum ‘n bass pattern propels us forward, the imagination is tickled and teased; in this multiverse, the world appears shattered and beautiful, leaving it to the artist to pick up and patch the pieces. As vocal samples soar through an open sky, heavy bass keeps us grounded in reality; one that, however real it may feel, can shift shape at the blink of an eye. PURCHASE LINKS: https://fanlink.to/RS2103 ----------------------------------------­---------- Subscribe to the R&S YouTube channel - http://randsrecords.lnk.to/subscribet... ----------------------------------------­---------- Subscribe to the R&S Newsletter and stay updated on our newest releases - https://www.rsrecords.com/newsletter ----------------------------------------­---------- FOLLOW R&S RECORDS http://randsrecords.com/ https://facebook.com/randsrecords https://instagram.com/randsrecords/ https://twitter.com/randsrecords http://open.spotify.com/user/rsrecords https://randsrecords.bandcamp.com/ MERCHANDISE: https://www.rsrecordsmerch.com/ FOLLOW I.L.R. STUDIOS https://ilrstudios.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ilrstudiox/ FOLLOW LOXY https://www.instagram.com/loxycylon/ https://soundcloud.com/loxy_x https://twitter.com/Loxycylon https://www.facebook.com/LoxyUK FOLLOW INK https://www.instagram.com/architexink/ https://soundcloud.com/architexink https://twitter.com/DJINKARX https://www.facebook.com/architexink

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