Thursday, June 10, 2021

ORBITAL - Dŵr Budr - IN SIDES album - Paul and Phil Hartnoll


ORBITAL - "Dŵr Budr" from the IN SIDES album Written by Paul and Phil Hartnoll Vocals :Alison Goldfrapp. The day before mastering the album, Paul felt it wasn't complete, so wanted to fill the gap. He wrote Dŵr Budr the day before the cut! This was another quick creation. Completed in one day with the first part on the morning and second part later in the day. The vocals are from another recording session but at the time they didn't work out. In a frantic search to complete the track, they played around with these. The final version was pitched differently and also reversed. Hardware used, Xpander, Wave Station, SH 101 and E-mu Emulator III sampler, 808 and Arp 2600 The title is welsh for dirty water and influenced by the oil spill just off Pembrokeshire coast, which was caused by the Sea Empress.

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