Friday, March 19, 2021

Nina Girassóis - Heavyweight Sound (Official Video)

Heavyweight Sound" is OUT NOW! Listen/download here: Support the artists: https://obf-dubquake-records.bandcamp... “Heavyweight Sound’ was premiered by Rico O.B.F during the popular “Lockdown Sessions” last spring. Produced by Paulera in 2012 and mixed by Rico at the Dubquake Studio in 2020, Nina Girassóis complements the track with her sweet voice, singing and raising awareness about the ongoing Brazilian social-economic crisis. The lyrics were written nearly ten years ago but resonate worldwide more than ever in today’s climate. As the story has it, Biga*Ranx heard the track and loved it so much that he insisted on designing the artwork... Made for the people, demanded by the masses, “Heavyweight Sound” is finally released! Credits: Vocals by Nina Girassóis Written & Produced by Paulera Mixed by Rico O.B.F Artwork by Biga*Ranx / Telly* Video credits: Directed by ... Daniel Lupo Cinematographer ... Daniel Lupo and Miguel Salvatore Edited by ... Caio Saad Motion graphics by ... Caio Saad and Daniel Branco Colour grading by ... Miguel Salvatore Camera assistant ... Noel Filho Actor ... Joāo Pedro Maurubio Follow Nina Girassóis: Follow Paulera: Follow O.B.F Follow Biga*Ranx / Telly* --- All rights reserved O.B.F - DUBQUAKE RECORDS 2021 ℗© #SãoPaulo #NinaGirassois #Paulera #OBF #HeavyweightSound

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