Friday, January 1, 2021

MEUTE - Rooftop Session [Full Length] #meute #hamburg #fuxeg #slothh #technomarchingband #livetechno


For the many people, who couldn't see us live this year: This is our full length rooftop session for you ❤️

 Recorded this summer on the roof of in solidarity and cooperation with

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 Video produced by in September 2020 on the rooftop of fux eG, a collectively operated non-profit space in Hamburg for alternative urban development. 

 DIRECTOR: Felix Grimm ASSISTENT DIRECTOR: Petra Barz DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Oliver Eckert CINEMATOGRAPHY: Cindy Hennes, Volko Kamensky, Christopher Kurr AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Simon Hollmann FILM EDITING: Georg Krefeld LIGHT: Stefhan Link PRODUCTION: Kirsten Söhl MARKETING: Jennifer Schmid COLOUR GRADING: Kinopost SOUND RECORDING: Torsten Langsdorf MIX AND AUDIO POST: Daniel Bongard, Studio Bellafonte:


 MEUTE Philip Morton Andernach - Bass Saxophone, Vocals Sebastian Borkowski - Tenor Saxophone, Flute Thomas Burhorn - Trumpet Timon Fenner - Snare Drum, Toms, Cymbals Adrian Hanack - Baritone Saxophone Johnny Johnson - Trombone Marco Möller - Bass Drum, Shaker OnKL - Snare Drum, Hihat, Cymbals, Lyra Hans-Christian Stephan - Trumpet Philipp Westermann - Sousaphone André Wittmann - Marimbaphone 


 Music: UNFOLDING (Rival Consoles) Written by Ryan Lee West Published by Erased Tapes Music

Latest Album PULS:

 ENDLING (MEUTE Original) Written by André Wittmann Published by TRUBEL PUBLISHING

 PURPLE NOISE (Boris Brejcha) Written by Boris Brejcha Published by BMG Rights GmbH, Kiel Publishing Andreas Kiel GmbH, UCP One GmbH 

 CYGNUS (COYU) Written by Ramos Salinas and Sezer Uysal Published by Ultra Music Publishing Europe GmbH / EMI Music Publishing Ltd. / EMI Publishing Germany GmbH / Sentric Music Ltd.

 HOLY HARBOUR (MEUTE) Written by Hans-Christian Stephan Published by TRUBEL PUBLISHING 

 WHAT ELSE IS THERE ? (Röyksopp (Trentemøller Remix)) Remix and add. Production of original remix by Trentemøller Written by Svein Berge; Torbjorn Brundtland; Olof Bjorn Dreijer; Karin Elisabeth Dreijer, Danny Shoshan; Roger John Reginald Greenaway; Published by Dog Triumph LTD and Broadley Music (International) LTD Subpublisher: Kobalt Music Publishing LTD and Sony / ATV Music Publishing (Germany) GmbH 

 #meute #hamburg #fuxeg #slothh #technomarchingband #livetechno

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