Sunday, January 3, 2021

Holy by The Lab @justinbieber @chancetherapper @inthelab247 #thelab #holy #justinbieber #bigbear #teamlab #reflection



Very touching piece created by a dance studio I happen to love. It was heartbreaking to watch everything get shut down and the kids no longer had their mentors to be with on a daily basis. The Lab pulled through and they showed out time and again! It is fabulous to see them united in creativity once again! 



"When you have been in business for nineteen years, you have an intimate knowledge of the ins, outs, ups and downs that happen each day. Some days you spend putting out fire after fire and some days you spend celebrating the win you worked so hard to achieve. As we wind down the year, we find ourselves so appreciative of the people who continue to stand with us, because we know, everyday you have a choice. You have a choice as consumers, as dancers, as creatives, as athletes and as friends. The Lab was built to be a brand you could trust, believe in and call your own. 2021 will mark our 20th year in business. We are going into year 20 with eyes wide open and with the reminder that blessings are all around us. There is truly beauty in even the toughest moments and we have a choice to make each day to reflect and reciprocate the blessings that we have been given. This video was made with love from the most dedicated creative team and most talented dancers who make a choice each day to work on their craft and support each other. Much love from our family to yours. May the future bring you clarity, joy, health and prosperity. " #thelab #holy #justinbieber #bigbear #teamlab #reflection 


 Creative Director: @Valerie_Ramirez 

Production Manager: @Carrie_Calkins_ 

Film/Edit: @staygold31 and Valerie Ramirez 

Choreographer: @Sienna.Lalau Music: @justinbieber @chancetherapper 

Holy Remix: @Chopjoness 

Styling: Valerie Ramirez PA: @Brittany_Roblez, Chop Jones, @itsjonathang, @Jasonhluong

 Location: Big Bear Lake, CA


 Dancers: Sienna Lalau, @Jeiley.Lalau, @Hiro.mmii, @lild0hd0h_des, @Gisellesilva03, @Isabbeeel__, Jonathan Gonzalez, @and.venn, @and.elam, @Trei_Abutin, @Isaacxmejiax, @Jaaimme.moraaa, @JonSlajer, @Keapeahuofficial, @Laylabug07, @Isidora_dancer, @Mimi_d_dancer, @John_McLovin

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