Wednesday, December 16, 2020

NTO - Zig Zag (MEUTE Version)



Drifting in a sphere of beats and bass with the legend himself: Zig Zag by NTO together with MEUTE ✨


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 🎥 Credits:  

Music by Anthony Favier  

Label : Chapau under exclusive licence to AllPoints  

Publisher : Chapau, Alter K 



Produced by Transfuges 

Filmed at 6MIC - SMAC du Pays d’Aix 

Director - Romuald Sintes DOP - Aurélien Le Calvez 

Projectionist, sound and light - Dan Azzopardi 

 Video and light assistant - Charlie Mazaloubaud 

Electrician - Cyprien Jeancolas (Satis) 

Steadycamer - Anthony Tarente 

Sound technician - Pascal Rossi 

Production manager - Margo Cholez

 Assistant - Kelly Kubiak (Kourtrajmé) 

Assistant - Némo Poiriez (Kourtrajmé)

 Production administrator : Emmanuel BessonTechnical host - Rémi Droesch (6MIC) 

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