Thursday, December 31, 2020

Google — Year in Search 2020 #YearInSearch #google




In times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. This year, the world searched “why” more than ever. This film features the questions we asked this year, with words and narration by Kofi Lost. Explore more trends from the year at #YearInSearch 

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 C R E D I T S: Google Brand Studio Words/Narration: Kofi Lost Editor: Scott Butzer - Cabin Editing Company Sound Design: John Bolen - Formosa Group VFX/Color/Finish: Shape + Light 



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NBC News Archives Tom Fuller, Tom Wilkinson, and the University of Oxford Seán Doran 

Photo by Stephanie Maze Footage from the “World Surf Weekly” provided through the courtesy of the World Surf League Meged Gozani, Haaretz The Real Neal’s Breonna Taylor 

Mural by Future History Now Breonna Taylor Mural photo courtesy of Maurice Taylor Academy Awards® Clip Copyright © 

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences WNBA/NBA footage courtesy of the National Basketball Association Jimmy Fallon footage courtesy of NBC Universal Estate of Breonna Taylor Trayvon Martin Foundation The estate of George Floyd Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation Photo copyright courtesy of NBC Archives Footage copyright courtesy of Alyza Enriquez Richner Communications, Inc /Long Island Herald Story to Spectacle Nandi Bushell Eddie VanHalen music video footage courtesy of Rhino Records, a Warner Music Group company Canal OFF XOS Digital Mural Credit -Dom Whitehurst Photo courtesy of Nate Palmer 

Photography by PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS/AP Commencement speech courtesy of Howard University Mural Artist Nikkolas Smith Footage courtesy US Tennis Association JaVale McGee,




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