Thursday, December 31, 2020

Big Hill Jam 2020 w/ Josh Hill #Moto #DirtBike #MonsterEnergy




Essentially, we're talking a slopestyle course for dirtbikes using 120 acres of Josh Hill's massively hilly forest in Yoncalla, Oregon. While mixing in aspects of SX, MX, Enduro cross, and FMX into single track trail riding, this is one of the most beautiful and unique backdrops imaginable. 


 Wall-rides, downhill jumps, native wood ladder ramps, jumps made out of logs, jumps going through trees, or simply taking out tree branches - this jam took advantage of its surroundings. 

 Anyone who appreciates the outdoors will enjoy Josh Hill's very unique take on free riding.

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#Moto #DirtBike #MonsterEnergy

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