Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Lady Waks @ Record Club #599 (11-09-2020)

From Russia with love... I LOVE this girl!!! Lady Waks has a TRUE understanding of beats.... If we can't dance to it, is it really "DANCE MUSIC" hmmmm? Some newbies need to understand high energy and attitude. Two ingredients every beat producer should know. I  have to feel it in my chest. Most producers are just coasting by.... I said what I said. Step it up I might know what I'm talking about. Set the standard!



Playlist: 01. VNABASS - Lion Soldier (Firestar Soundsystem Remix) 02. Destroyers x FM-3 - Ethereal 03. Bienbenue (Mutantbreakz Remix) 04. DEEKEMBEAT - Can You 05. LONDpaly_Rhythmic Journey - Revenge (Odeed Remix) 06. Suga7 - Up The Volume (Original Mix) 07. Solardo - XTC (IVA Remix) 08. Jess glynne - don't be so hard on yourself (Mutantbreakz and Dj Lua 2Step Remix) 09. The Darrow Chem Syndicate - Imminent The Bomb (Kid Panel Rmx) 10. Non_Compliance_-_No_Joke_(Original_Mix) 11. Fast Beats Kazoiem - 1 2 3 4 12. SellRude - Los Yiyis 13. Maktub (Original Mix) 14. Martiln - Die Trying (Tone Abstract Remix) 15. Crysal water - Mutantbreakz Remix 16. Run The Breaks - Ouh Mama 17. United States Beat Squad feat Elle J - Snake Charmer 18. Apexape if you wanna (iva bonusbeats) 19. Freestylers - I Remember Booty 20. MIKE G - Without U 21. Perfect Kombo - B Team (Original Mix) [IBWT Music

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