Friday, September 11, 2020

Wuki - I See You feat. Stoppa (Music Video) | HARD RECS

Dedicated to lookers... LOL In this life your either on stage or sitting in audience....


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The official music video for I See You by Wuki featuring Stoppa.

"We’re in a strange but also powerful moment in the world. There’s so much turmoil and uncertainty, but it’s happening alongside important and meaningful movements that will shape how we move forward. For me, music is the way that I process the world - it can be a beautiful escape, or a time capsule of a generation capturing a moment, or anything in between. I wanted this song and video to be a tribute: to the people standing up and making their voices heard, to the tides of change, even to everyone needing a moment of escape. I see you all." - Wuki

Release by Hard Recs

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