Wednesday, September 16, 2020

San Francisco in Blade Runner 2020

  I can remember receiving a message at work telling me the wildfire was
overtaking the area. The roads leading to my boys would be closed... My
children would not be able to return if I did not beat the fire. I
jumped in my car. With the fire burning, churning a dark blueish grey
cloak tower of smoke to the right.  A monsterous mountain of destruction.An unimaginable height of flames burning as far as my eyes could see. The Florida sun burns like a flashlight in the
fog. The sky is falling. I was able to retrieve the boys and return
home safely. We can take nothing for granted as we move through these
days of uncertainty. The West Coast fires of 2020 have succeeded in
blotting out the sun on the east coast of the United States Of  America.



Zach Fett simply put Blade Runner 2049's soundtrack over this gutting visual




Original video:
Song is "2049" by Hans Zimmer:

Go watch Blade Runner and it's sequel.
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