Saturday, September 12, 2020

Rebūke — Instatik — Drumcode — DC230

Rebūke returns to Drumcode with a trio of timeless dancefloor weapons.

The Irishman’s ‘Rattle’ was a standout of 2019, judged by DJ Mag as
their no.22 top track of the year and is etched in the Drumcode
discography as one of the most original releases to date. A valued part
of Adam Beyer’s extended collective; he would have made his Drumcode
event debut at WMC in Miami this March. Without a doubt, a sophomore EP
was always on the cards.

‘Instatik’ kicks the work into gear, a rugged, reverb-heavy cut with
industrial drums that pump like pistons and an undulating synth effect
that makes you feel like you’re on a turbo-charged rollercoaster.
‘Livewire’ has the trademark Rebūke brain-scrambling stamp on it, a
flurry of steelyard percussion bring the track to life, before a low-end
melody swells to attention, rubbing shoulders deliciously with driving
drumlines, for an uplifting second half. The title track ‘Obscurity’ is a
dark slice of techno funk, filled with synapse-tickling arpeggios,
before a rollicking groove takes hold and launches the track home at
full-flight. Another thrilling and innovative release to add to the
Rebūke canon.

“I think 2020 will go down in history as the craziest year of our
lifetime. The future is still pretty unknown right now and things are
drastically changing week to week. With that in mind, I felt ‘Obscurity’
would be a fitting title for my second Drumcode EP. It represents the
state of being unknown, unclear or difficult to understand – feelings
I’m sure most of us are going through right now. Most the tracks aside
from ‘Livewire’ were written in quarantine; ‘Livewire’ was written right
before the virus shut the world down, in a hotel room in Lima, Peru in
January. This EP is my favourite to date as I think it shows a different
side to my musical palette, whilst still developing the signature sound
heard in all my music.” - Rebūke

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