Saturday, September 5, 2020

Korsakov Music Droptek // Time Travel


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Continuing to speed through the Korsakov Music annals at a blistering 88mph, Droptek is back with yet another ludicrously fresh release. Delivered in the thick of his ‘Symbiosis Remix’ series, ‘Time Travel’ and ‘Dropout’ are two brand new examples of the young new-gen heavyweight’s next-lev production chops.

Futuristic to its last oceanic wave of mind-melting bass, ‘Time Travel’ is a sci-fi blunderbuss. Taking the lead with scorching momentum, it’s a time-space continuum shredding piece of 174 BPM magic that hurls you into a black hole of brazen technical dexterity. The sonic equivalent of a mach 6 jet soaring overhead, this will have you scratching your head for days.

‘Dropout’ follows. A deeper twist on the Droptek signature but still just as powerful, once again we’re invited into its own universe where usual laws seem not to apply. Dreamy yet deadly, simple yet layered with deep weaves of textures, heavier than the power of love yet light footed and delicate; this is more potent and data-filled than a copy of Gray’s Sports Almanac…. This is the future sound of Droptek. And if you guys aren’t ready for it, your kids will most definitely love it. 



 "I had so much fun writing this one. I wanted to convey the impression of bending and warping time by utilising time/pitch based effects like delays and flangers. I also created my own wavetable synthesiser to make almost every bass sound. I'm really happy how this one has turned out and I hope you enjoy it!"

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