Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I Love New York: Bella Hadid, Misty Copeland & Whoopi Goldberg Celebrate...

As the city slowly rebuilds, Vogue pays tribute to everything—and everyone—that makes New York … New York.

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Created and Directed by Bardia Zeinali

Written by Jeremy O. Harris

Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham

Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg

Cast: Paperboy Prince, Julia Fox, Paloma Elsesser, Emily Ratajkowski, Richie Shazam, Misty Copeland, Sean Bennett, Tashawn “Whaffle” Davis, LeeRock Starski, May Hong, David Byrne, Dara Allen, Ceyenne Doroshow, Tyshawn Jones, Raquel Willis, Akira Armstrong, Nicholas Heller, Tic and Tac, Ari Serrano, Naomi Otsu, Indya Moore, Bella Hadid, Erma Campy, Parker Kit Hill, Soul Tigers Marching Band, Kitty Kitty, Josephine Giordano, Ashley aka BestDressed, Eman Abbas, The Rockettes (Jackie Aitken, Tiffany Billings, Katie Hamrah, Alicia Lundgren), Joan Smalls, Leiomy Maldonado

Director of Photography: Chayse Irvin

Edited by Will Town at Modern Post

Produced by One Thirty-Eight Productions

Hair: Mustafa Yanaz

Hair (Indya Moore, Joan Smalls): Hos Hounkpatin

Makeup: Emi Kaneko

Tailor: Cha Cha Zutic

Casting: The Talent Group, Nicholas Heller

Movement Director: Vinson Fraley

Color: Tim Masick at Company 3

Stills Post Production: Dtouch

Sound Design: Raphaël Ajuelos

Music: "Rhapsody in Blue"

Performed by Philharmonia Orchestra,

Music: "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad"

Performed by Moby

Title Design: Naomi Otsu

Motion Design: Rinaldi Parungao for Mango Motion Design

Visual Effects: Ilia Mokhtareizadeh at The Arcane Collective, Zdravko Stoitchkov at ZeeFX

Filmed At: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Park Avenue Armory, Radio City Music Hall, Top of the Rock

Special Thanks: Kodak, Millennium Hilton New York Downtown, The Smile

Vogue: Mark Guiducci - Creative Editorial Director, Robert Semmer - Vice President, Head of Video, Marina Cukeric - Executive Producer, Samantha Adler - Visual Director, Sergio Kletnoy - Entertainment Director, Felicity Webb - Bookings Director, Janelle Okwodu - Senior Fashion News Writer, Jenna Allchin - Producer, Olivia Horner - Visual Editor

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I Love New York: Bella Hadid, Misty Copeland & Whoopi Goldberg Celebrate the City | Vogue

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