Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Avalanches - Wherever You Go (Live In Lockdown With The Internationa...

Step into the universe only speaking of peace and friendship.....  The Avalanches with another  version of "Wherever You Go" orchestral version.  The world is very different these days.  New school year means all new experiences as we approach the end of the year. Please respect each other. Wherever you go........


WATCH: The Avalanches - Wherever You Go (Live in Lockdown with The ...

During the global lockdown of 2020, The Avalanches teamed up with a team of intrepid scientists, astronauts and engineers from the SETI Institute and NASA for a musical performance like no other.

The Avalanches, The International Space Orchestra, and CLYPSO perform 'Wherever You Go' (Live In Lockdown).

Stream/download Wherever You Go (feat. Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry, CLYPSO) by The Avalanches here:

Edited by Liam Oz

B-Roll Footage by:
Ryan Pittman - NASA Ames Research Center
Janice Bishop, Lukas Gründler, and Franck Marchis - SETI Institute

The International Space Orchestra:
Aileen Aniciete - Choir
Alan Ni - Viola
Annette Rodrigues - Ukulele
Barbara Jo Navarro - Trumpet
David Roland - Dobro/Ukulele
Elisabeth Giessler - Violin
Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom - Choir
Frank Caradonna - Piano
Greg Schmidt - Ukulele
Joel McKinnon - Bass Guitar
John Bresina - Choir/Rhythm Section
John Cumbers - Choir
Julia Schorn - Harp
Lothar Determann - Tenor Saxophone
Katie Gründler - Flute
Janice Bishop - Clarinet
Lukas Gründler - Trombone
Markus Gründler - Euphonium
Marianne Cooper - Violin/Viola
Marianne Ryan - Choir
Matt Linton - Cello
Melanie Lean - Choir
Andrew Henry - Choir
Michael Gross - Trombone
Miryam Strautkalns - Choir
Matthew Daigle - Guitar
Oliwia Baney - Cello and other instruments
Rei Ueyama - Violin
Sora Ueyama - Bubbles and Toys
Rodney Martin - Percussion/Clarinet
Rusty Hunt - Baritone Saxophone
Tamra Scott-Hunt - Choir
Ryan Pittman - Banjo
Sarah Hobart - Choir
Scott Poll - Violin
Taylor Hobart - Choir/Harp
Ted Garbeff - Violin
Vanessa Kuroda - Piano
Evan Price - ISO Conductor & Musical Director
Nelly Ben Hayoun - Director & Founder of ISO

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