Thursday, August 13, 2020

PYLOT - The Return (Official Music Video)

From The Artist
"I’m currently standing on the roadside, across the street from a house that I’m assuming used to be my home. I was hoping that on the way here I’d see things that would make me react in a similar way to when I first laid my eyes on the neon-lit silhouette of Solai, some familiarity. However, this place doesn’t feel familiar to me, at all. Regardless, this could be the first time that I get to meet someone who knew me before I lost my memory, it's a long shot but I’m hoping it’s Alice. I keep replaying the memory I have of her most nights as I struggle to sleep. I can’t forget the way I felt when I first remembered her, as a result of Clova discovering the hidden message embedded in the ring. It was bliss... "

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New Retro Wave + PYLOT The Return Official Music Video
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Turn this one up and feel the vibes! Solid work from PYLOT!


Visuals by Mike Yakovlev
Directed by PYLOT and Mike Yakovlev
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