Friday, August 21, 2020


Keys N Krates - ‘Double Dutch’, out now on Young Art Records
Stream and save ‘Double Dutch’:
Video directed by Sammy Rawal

Double Dutch is a Brazilian inspired club banger drawing on choir chants, booming 808s, tribal drums, and twinkling pianos. It’s us making dance music that leans towards the beautiful, cinematic and hypnotic all at once. We were heavily influenced by Baile Funk, and soundtrack music.
- Keys N Krates

Inspired by the energy of early 90's rave culture and the overall production of the track, I wanted to create a video that felt unexpected while still feeling nostalgic. The general concept re-imagines Songbird James Baley (aka Songbird Miyake-Mugler) as an almost mythical oceanic musical deity that rises out of the water, seemingly cued by the opening beats of the track. Using his body movement and syncopated splashes of water, I wanted to play with the dualities of hard/soft and fast/slow to create moments of graceful tension throughout. The lighting feels sculptural and striking (inspired by Irving Penn's iconic portraits of Miles Davis) while acting like the heartbeat or metronome of the video. The finished video is intended to feel like a visual translation of the overall structure of the song.
- Sammy Rawal (Director)

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