Tuesday, August 18, 2020

DANCE TRAINING REIMAGINED / BB360: holistic online dance training

START TRAINING AT BB360 FOR LESS THAN $6 A MONTH at http://360.buildingblock.dance


"😭 We have so much to say but we’re going to *try* to make this short. We built the space in 8 weeks. Then shot over a 100 videos in the following 12 weeks. Choreo, 1-2.5 hour documentary style courses(accompanied with homework), drills and workouts galore. And we sat there discussing prices that would be expected for this kind of quality of content. But this time is so hard on everyone and it’s not like dance is the most lucrative career. So we pulled up our socks, rolled up our sleeves and created something special for our dance community, and really anybody. For less than $6 a month. This is dance training reimagined. Welcome to BB360 💫

To our fellow teachers, both ones who made it on this release, and ones beyond... We’re so grateful for your trust, belief, talent and knowledge. Whether you have your own digital platform, teach on others, etc... we’re hopeful to continue cultivating a community that can lift each other up during this time. Let us know and let’s do this together.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Building Block team. It truly takes a village and one that is willing to stay up until 5am only to wake up again a few hours later to do it all over again 🤪😆 Couldn’t have made these dreams possible without you."

The BBteam:
Keone Madrid
Mari Madrid
Cheyenne Kibblewhite
Julia Kestner
Amy Williamson
Gerald Nonato
Steve Cachero
Tiffany Le
Ashley Kaye Solis
Kirk Saechao
Kai Goh
Charles Han
Mindy Vu
Sophia Mickelson
Robin Ching
Bri Bui
James Kho
Julian Sena
Kath Ahn
Joseph Chong
Kevin Belisario
Julia Fernandez
Sen Sen
Tori Cone
Alex Lackey
Chau Quach
Mursh Kelly
Kaitlyn Sung
Taylor Romero
Nick Delgado

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